2008 and beyond

2008-06-16 11:07:05 by pogoboy90210

This year hasn't been a big one in terms of working in flash, been mostly focusing on my Cert IV course in Broadcast Television where i wanna head in the future.

In terms of my Animation work, earlier this year i've worked on a game "Christian hates peahens" and is now just starting on a short animation in my spare time, which will hopefully be completed in the next couple of months depending on how bisy i am with my other studys. the included picture of that "thing" is a sneak peek of one of the characters which may feature in this upcoming animation.

peace out.

2008 and beyond

Nearing the end of 2007

2007-11-19 21:55:39 by pogoboy90210

so its coming to the end of 2007. what a big year it has been for me, first of all, i have finished yr 12 now (last year of high school). i also now have my cert II & III of multimedia :P

i recently ented in my animation "bus trip home" in to a creative arts gellery the other week, and it recived a major award. pretty wraped about that.